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Car Dashboard


When a warning light illuminates on your car dashboard or an error message appears, a diagnostic check is crucial to identify issues before they escalate.

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Dashboard light? Dont worry

Modern vehicles feature Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that continuously monitor performance and self-diagnose faults. Sensors across the vehicle report anomalies to the ECU, generating error codes when necessary.


These codes, displayed through dashboard warning lights, require a diagnostic code reader for interpretation. At CT Tyres, we utilize Bosch OBD II scanners to read codes, providing detailed insights into the nature of the problem and enabling effective resolution.


Book a diagnostic fault code check at CT Tyres to have our trained staff scan OBD fault codes and offer assistance in resolving issues.


If your vehicle's dashboard displays warning lights or fault codes, rely on CT Tyres for expert identification and troubleshooting using our OBD2 scanner.

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