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Part Worn Tyres

Buying used tyres is a great way of saving money when your car, van, 4x4 or bike needs new tyres.

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Cheap Part Worn Tyres

We present a wide range of part-worn tyres sourced from top manufacturers globally. Whether you seek premium or budget-friendly options, our collection includes various replacements suitable for most cars, vans, or SUVs.

Our part-worn tyre selection spans diverse choices, including run-flat alternatives to suit various budget needs. Delve into our cost-effective tyre options or choose from reputable brands such as Pirelli and Goodyear for superior performance and safety. Whether it's part-worn tires for electric vehicles, hybrid models, or vehicles like 4x4s, vans, and SUVs, our extensive inventory caters to all vehicle categories.

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Part Worn Tyre Questions

Why Part Worn Tyres?

When finances are stretched and the need for new tyres arises, the prospect of a significant expense may seem daunting. Opting for part-worn or second-hand tyres provides a cost-effective solution, allowing you to manage expenses without compromising safety on the road.

Are Part Worn Tyres Safe?

Like everything you buy used, there is always an element of risk buying something that is not new. Lots of people have commented that part-worn tyres are not safe, that they should not be allowed to be sold, but what about used cars? When you buy a used car, they have tyres on that have been used? What's the difference? None.


The sale of second-hand tyres is governed by law, as explained here, but by following a few basic steps, you can protect yourself from buying dodgy tyres and save yourself money:


  • Buy part worn tyres from established sellers. By doing this, should something go wrong, you have somewhere to go back to for a refund or help

  • If the description does not say already, ask the seller if the tyre has had any puncture repairs done to it and/or any major repairs. If a tyre has had a major repair (sidewall or tread) DO NOT buy it as it could fail. Do not buy a tyre from a seller where the description says 'we have not tested this tyre' or 'due to the nature of part worn tyres some tyres may have puncture repairs in them'

  • If not already stated in the listing, ask the seller for the DOT code of the tyre. The last 4 digits of the DOT code is the tyre's manufacturing date (so for example a DOT code of 0810 would be the 8th week of 2010). Do not buy any tyre that is over 5 years old

  • Never by a used tyre that does not match your existing tyre specifications. If your existing tyre is a 225/45R18 91W, you must make sure that you buy a 225/45R18 with a speed rating of 91W or higher (i.e. 91Y). Buying the incorrect speed or load rating could result in the tyre 'blowing' out and it may also invalidate your insurance

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